Hi everyone! Here's a bit about me.... I'm a mom to 5 Amazing kids! I'm not new to baby wearing as my oldest is 19! I've always been in the fiber world, I have been crocheting for many years, my grandmother taught me when I was a little girl. I've done many projects! I've also tried my hand at knitting. I love making things for my family and friends to enjoy!  I became interested in weaving as I wore my last baby almost constantly. I did tons of reading, asked many questions, reached out to many different resources and finally bought a loom! My loom is from the 60's it's a baileys occupational loom. Physical and occupational therapists used to use looms to help their patients heal. This loom is really neat it's on a steel base so it's very heavy (which is nice) but it is full of pulleys to help the patients current condition. All of the pulleys are weighted and the weight is adjustable too, So I get a work out while I'm weaving! The loom measures 40 inches across and is fairly large. My biggest concern while weaving is making quality fabric. Whether it be a tea towel or a baby wrap quality is a necessity.

True happiness is doing something that you absolutely love.

It is not work, it is simply making beautiful fabric.