"LJHandwovens single handily started my passion for handwoven wraps. My first handwoven wrap I received was 'Golden Heart', based off the never ending colors of an Alaska summer. Laura knocked this one out of the park completely capturing the beauty Alaska has to offer, amazing all of us who live in this state. This was an Egyptian Cotton warp and Bamboo weft. There is something magical about LJHandwovens bamboo. Soft like butter, wraps with such ease, and molds to your and baby's body with such care. Upon taking this out of the box I instantly fell in love. There was something so special working with Laura to find the perfect weft color, weave and fiber for this semi custom. I could feel a passion for her work and a sincere care for each and every customer she has. Responding back almost instantly to my questions ( and there were many with this being my first semi custom haha ) taking her time with me to make sure things were perfect and messaging progress pictures of my piece on the loom. Since this wrap, I have have grown my stash with 7 LJHandwovens as well as many of her amazing accessories she offers. The biggest event coming up, I am getting my own custom and wouldn't want any other weaver to be the one who develops this, making my vision come true. My greatest passion for using Laura as my weaver is knowing that these wraps I use to carry my children, my life, my blood, are woven with the most care and love, making these pieces all the more special to my family....a real heirloom to us that I hope to one day pass on to my children to wear their babies." - Vanessa (Military wife and homeschooling mother to 5-7 and under.)

My first LJHandwoven was Golden Heart. The warp was created off the natural beauty of Alaska! Laura captured this vision perfectly! EC warp with zigzag pink bamboo twill. Oh. My. Gosh. BUTTER. Floppy and perfect Cush for my (then) newborn baby girl! I now own 6 of Laura's creations and they are all crafted so perfectly and hold such a special place in my heart! You can tell Laura puts much love into these wraps with her attention to detail and expert advice. With golden heart being a semi custom (and my first) I had lots of questions for Laura and she responded back to me promptly each time without hesitation! LJHandwovens is solely responsible for my love for wrapping my baby and I wouldn't trust any other with that job! - Brooke

"Somewhere over the Rainbow, skies are Blue" Woven in love for the rainbow of my heart. The delicate softness of all EC, stretch and snap of heartweave, & the symbolism and beauty of this wrap piece are breath taking. Woven on a Pure all natty warp, each rainbow beam was created with continual weft changes. Laura poured her time to make something special."  - Kristin

“Wovenly ever after:  Herringbone weave with diamond weave middle marker, split weft, and heart accent tails.  5/2 mercerized cotton, 3.6m.  Marshmallow thick, the perfect amount of grip and slide to create flawless carries.  Wraps like nothing else I have used, it has just the right stretch and hold.  I love using it for a Shepard’s carry, I get beautiful passes and it holds my toddler in nice and tight.
I love working with Laura, she puts her heart and soul in to everything thing she weaves. She is open to ideas, and the way she interprets them and brings them to life is unreal. I have a second custom coming up with her soon and I can’t wait to work with her again!" - Afton

"Whistling Wings:   100% mercerized 5/2 cotton Black weft, twill in 5m. Supportive, cushy, perfect selvedges.  Super cushy and supportive. Just the right amount of grip to hold passes in place but not too much to make it hard to tighten. No sag! 
Laura was an absolute joy to work with. She is so very sweet and accommodating. Excellent customer service and communication. I would HIGHLY recommend her and her wraps to others." - Beth

"I just received Swimmingly, a natty hemp, zig zag twill, 5m long piece of amazingness!! The wrapping qualities are so unique, it is cushy, smooshy, squishy... The weave makes it grippy and airy... It feels like a thick wrap, but it is so light and airy that it doesn't feel blankety and unwieldy... And it's SOFT. I've had broken in hemp before but this puts all those to shame. I absolutely love how unique and different this wrap is, and I feel so lucky to wrap my baby in it!!"   "I cannot believe how soft this wrap is, I never knew hemp could feel like this."  - Chivas

"I have Angela's Sunset black weft 100% cotton. It is a size 3. Pros: very soft, airy, cushy, and baby feels weightless. My dd is 6 months old 18 lbs, so I am not sure about toddler. I do have very picky shoulders but I can wear her in a ruck and it feels weightless and comfy on my shoulders. Colors are beautiful, it is flawless. It is thinner than Woven Rainbow or Barbara's Weave and wear imo but does not affect how comfortable this wrap is. I can definitely see this wrap as my go to wrap, especially in the summer. Cons- None, except that it makes me want to get another one of LJHandwovens."  - Lenny

"Into the Sunset arrived today and it's gorgeous! Thick and cushy and soft and smooshy; toddler worthy and big-kid worthy. Exactly what I'm looking for in a wrap and why I love handwovens. LO wasn't terribly cooperative so please don't mind my sloppy wrap job." - Kelly